Diamond Certified

Each year for the last ten years, Western Auto Body has been qualified as a Diamond Certified service provider. The Diamond Certified organization is a professional and independent rating and review body located in Novato, CA.

Being a Diamond Certified service provider means that each year Western Auto Body has met or exceeded the requirements set forth by the Diamond Certified organization for quality of service and customer satisfaction.

By being Diamond Certified, our customers can feel secure knowing that they will be provided the highest level of service and care by our company.

You can see our profile on the Diamond Certified website by clicking here.

Diamond Certified Logo

Benefits of Choosing a Diamond Certified Service Provider

One of the key drawbacks of popular online review sites is that it’s possible for a business to game the system by creating multiple profiles and artificially boosting their review rank by rating themselves over and over. In addition, many review sites encourage businesses to have family and friends rate their business, which can be potentially misleading for customers looking for unbiased reviews of that business.

Being Diamond Certified means Western Auto Body has completed a 12 step process conducted by an independent rating and review organization that includes:

  • Providing a random sample of over 400 past customers to the Diamond Certified review board.
  • Scoring 90% or higher in customer satisfaction surveys of those past customers in telephone surveys.
  • Verifying all applicable licenses, credentials, and insurance requirements.
  • Passing a formal review of services and practices to be awarded Diamond Certification.
  • Ongoing surveys of Western Auto Body clients to ensure level of service is being maintained.
  • Participating in the Diamond Certified mediation program.
  • Meeting the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee to assure quality of service.
  • Committing to the highest level of standards of excellence in service and customer satisfaction every day for over 10 years.