Why Are My Headlights Faded?

Many of you have probably at some point noticed someone’s headlamps that are faded, yellowed, or old looking. This is actually very common and can start happening to any lenses that are plastic (which are most of them) after years of exposure in direct sunlight. 

It’s a common problem, and usually can be fixed fairly easily and inexpensively. There are a lot of headlight restoration kits on the market now for all you do-it-yourselfers that you can buy at auto parts stores and even at Walmart and Target.

The kits range from polishes that you wipe on and off — which don’t last quite as long — to actual sand and polish kits that take a little longer but have better results. 

Headlights can range anywhere from $75 to hundreds of dollars each to replace them.  These days you have to buy the whole light as an assembly, you cannot buy just the lens, which is why it is much less expensive just to repair them. 

It takes about an hour to do both sides, which includes masking them up, sanding them with a fine grit sandpaper, and then polishing them afterwards to get that new glossy look.  If you don’t feel like taking this project on yourself, we will gladly help you out!

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