Brush Touching: The Great Alternative

Have you ever gotten an estimate to fix a scratch on your bumper and have it cost $1000?  Or more? 

To fix a scratch correctly, you need to take the bumper off the car, take any moldings, trim, license brackets, lamps, or bezels off the bumper, prime, and paint the bumper with base coat and clear coat. It is quite a process and can take 6 hours of labor or more sometimes.

When To Brush Touch

If your car is more than a couple years old, you don’t want to make an insurance claim, or you’re not concerned with the car being flawless, then brush touching may be the perfect solution for you. To brush touch small scratches it usually only costs around $50 and takes half an hour. 

We mix match and mix the paint according to the paint code off of your car, and brush paint over the scratch. Upon close inspection it will still be noticable because it is just paint covering the scratch, but from far away it usually looks great.

Brush touching is an excellent and inexpensive alternative if you do not want to spend a fortune on a scratch. It is also a great way to stop or at least decelerate rust on metal panels.  So the next time you get an estimate that you think cost too much — ask for the brush touch version.

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